Create a Realistic Photo Composite From a Sketch.


In this tutorial you’ll learn to combine a few photos to achieve a realistic scene of the locomotive passing through a desert landscape. see tutorial…


Create a Cool Wet Ink Typography Effect in Photoshop


This Photoshop tutorial to create an awesome distorted type design. Using a range of Photoshop brushes we’ll create the appearance of printed type that has come into contact with drops of water, breaking up the text with oversaturated drips, runs and splats. see tutorial…

How To Create Great Typographic Wallpaper In Photoshop


This tutorial will teach you how to create a really interesting and unique typographic wallpaper in few easy steps. Even a beginner will be able to recreate this effect, and add their own style and thought in it; I am sure you will enjoy and learn a lot from this tutorial! You will learn how to create good looking background, add lightning effects and work with fonts, sizes, colors to make the necessary places stand out! Let’s get started! see tutorial…

Funky Stickers


This will show you how to create that slapped on sticker effect I’m sure you’ve seen popping up around the internet. Its simple to make but looks really good in pieces of art and also on webpages for example as an image link to an RSS feed. Read on to discover how to create these in only a few steps and learn a really easy way to achieve a 3D text effect at the same time. see tutorial…


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